About Us


Welcome to Adalta Cycling Club                                             


Adalta CC was established by Sam Hocking in 2011 to provide members with a fresh, stylish and modern approach to club cycling and racing.

The club is based in Kent, but there are a number of members from outside the area, including some living abroad. There is a strong emphasis on racing in Adalta CC, particularly road racing, time trialling and cyclocross, together with some of the more competitive sportives such as the Etape du Tour. The club has achieved some outstanding results in both men's and women's racing in 2015.

But, there is more to Adalta CC than just racing: there is a great community spirit with regular social rides with café & cake stops, and informal rides organised at other times by members and publicised on the club's Facebook pages - a number of members prefer to ride these, rather than race. Members also compete in triathlons and running races.

Adalta is a play on words from the Latin phrase “ad alta” which means “to the summit” in English. “To the Summit” is the tag line around the collars of the club kit.

The club is open to all cyclists, male and female, adults and juniors. See below for further information relating to members aged under 18.

Team Adalta


·      President – Sam Hocking

·      Vice President – John Beggs

·      Chairman – Nick Saunders

·      Secretary – Ken Jones

·      Treasurer and Kit Officer – Rod Archibald (also Race team Vice Captain)

 Other Management Team members

·      Race Team Captain – Wayne Beba

·      Triathlon Captain – James Wren

·      Assistant Treasurer and kit officer – Alex Baker

·      Sponsor’s Representative – Keith Spencer

·      Time Trial Captain – Andy Buckley

·      PR and media – Jody Coxon (Southern Edge Cycling Club Media Management)


Best way to contact the individuals above is to message them through Facebook, and the general email contact for the club is info@ad-alta.cc



Adalta is affiliated to the following associations / leagues:

·      British Cycling

·      Cycling Time Trials

·      South East Road Race League

·      Kent Cycling Association

·      Surrey League

·      London Cyclocross League

·      British Triathlon



Most communication between the club and its members, and member to member, is via Facebook. There are 2 groups:


·      Adalta CC (open to members and friends of Adalta) – general discussions


·      Adalta Racing (members only) – matters for club members only


There is also a club twitter feed, and the club website. Please also sign up to the newsletter which details all the going's on in the club over the previous

Follow the Facebook posts for details of training rides, meetings, races which club members are attending.

Please remember that all riders are responsible for their own safety and others in the group.

Please do respect this – support other members, follow the requirements of the Highway Code, respect other road users and ride single file where road conditions demand, listen to and follow the instructions of the ride leader. Above all, let’s ensure an enjoyable and safe ride for all.

Helmets are compulsory on all club rides.

It is important to remember that whenever you are riding in Adalta kit you are representing the club: members of the public and other cyclists will judge all members, and the club itself, by your actions.

Jumping red lights and abusing other road users (whatever they have done!) are examples of actions which regularly result in complaints made to cycling clubs or to British Cycling – please do your bit to keep the reputation of Adalta high.



Members race for the club in a number of different disciplines, and in addition there is a sponsored men’s Race Team comprising 1st and 2nd cat riders.

The Adalta Race Team (RT) has been given a strict protocol to adhere to for 2016 and each member has signed a contract, agreeing to maintain a specific standard of conduct. Team members have agreed to a level of behaviour that would be equally as appropriate to anyone representing the club in its variety of disciplines.

The club’s Management Team decided it would be appropriate to highlight extracts from the contract that are seen as a minimum standard expected from anyone representing Adalta CC, and also the appropriate races that can be entered, depending on whether you ride for Adalta CC or Adalta RT.

Expected behaviour

“You further agree to:

- Comply fully with Anti-Doping regulations set out by UK Anti-Doping and the WADA code.

You agree not to:

- Threaten, intimidate, bully or otherwise behave in an unacceptable manner towards team members.

- Bring the reputation of Adalta RT or Adalta CC into disrepute with any action on or off the bike. Especially the rider agrees not to:

Publically disagree, argue or dispute any direction, ruling or instruction given by a club or team official, organiser or responsible person.

Comment or criticise or comment upon such people or issues personally or on any internet forum or social media. “


Race entries

There are no restrictions on members entering time trials, cyclo cross races, mountain bike races, track races, sportives, triathlons, duathlons, running races, etc.

All club members may enter any criterium race, any SERRL, Surrey League or other league one day road race (this covers the vast majority of races), but subject to the following:

In respect of men’s races only, races needing further clarification for the benefit of the entire club's success are:


·      Any race where the organiser “selects” entrants.

·      Any race with a restriction on the number of entrants allowed per club.

·      Any multi stage race.

These races will be the priority of Adalta RT and rider selection for these events will be carried out by the Race Team Captain.

In the unlikely event that a rider outside of Adalta RT wanted to enter one of these races, they should make their availability known to the Race Team Captain so that they can be considered for selection. All riders agree to not enter these races directly themselves.


Sponsors & discounts

Black Cat Cycle Coaching

Adalta members benefit from discounts on coaching packages and testing from founder member Tim Ramsden, who is a qualified cycle coach, and runs Black Cat Cycle Coaching. Tim provides coaching services to a number of Adalta riders, and also runs winter Wattbike training sessions, in conjunction with Canterbury Christ Church University



Herberts Cycles

Keith Spencer has provided a lot of support to members, in addition to sponsoring the race team



Burgess Hodgson

Club kit is located at the Burgess Hodgson offices, and the firm also sponsors the race team



Team Buckley

Member Andrew Buckley offers discounts to members on physio, osteopath and sports massage services. Many local riders can credit Andy and his team for getting them quickly back on the road after injury.



 Juniors and vulnerable adults

The club does not have a specific junior section, a Go Ride or Clubmark for the under 18s, but juniors are welcome to wear the club kit and race for the club from any age, provided that a signed parental consent form has been provided to the club secretary.

Under the age of 14, juniors are expected to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Juniors are welcome on the weekly club ride and at other events from the age of 14 and above, provided that the club secretary is informed in advance and the rider’s parents are satisfied as to the person’s riding ability.

British Cycling requirements changed in 2015, requiring that all clubs which admit juniors must appoint a Club Welfare Office who is not part of the Committee or Management Team: Jamie Davies-Evans has taken over this role.

Any concerns over welfare issues, whether relating to children or adults, contact Jamie via a personal Facebook message.

Further details of British Cycling’s policies for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, together with additional contacts, are at: http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/volunteer/article/bcst_Safeguarding-Children

If juniors are looking for a more structured approach to riding and racing, then local clubs Thanet RC and VC Deal have comprehensive junior sections, to which introductions will be made on request.